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ADDICTION: 6 thoughts on how to manage when you love an addict in active addiction

Addiction, insidious bastard that it is, does not only affect addicts. It can be like a nuclear bomb in a family, flinging destruction in all directions. Loving an addict is very hard work sometimes. Addicts are so much more than their addictions, but it… Continue Reading “ADDICTION: 6 thoughts on how to manage when you love an addict in active addiction”

ADDICTION: an insidious, sneaky bastard

One of the things I work with regularly is addiction. Addiction can come in a range of shapes and sizes but there are some principles that remain the same, regardless of the poison in question. We all have the tendency to form habits, but… Continue Reading “ADDICTION: an insidious, sneaky bastard”

DEPRESSION is a bitch

Depression plays havoc with your mind. It distorts your reality and if that isn’t enough it can evoke huge feelings of shame and even self-disgust.  The internal self-critic becomes humongous and powerful making you feel less in control and more powerless. 1. Depression’s Bullshit… Continue Reading “DEPRESSION is a bitch”