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How to have a useful argument

  Often when we are angry enough to argue with someone we are more interested in letting them know how we feel than in focusing on a particular outcome, and that’s often how fights play out (you’re an asshole! No, YOU’RE an asshole!). It… Continue Reading “How to have a useful argument”

FAMILY FEUDS: How People behave doesn’t always tell us how they feel!

We have all been subject to the behaviour of people we love or respect that completely throws us.  How can they be so rude? So uncaring? How could they be so abusive? So angry? So harsh? How could they be so dismissive? so cold… Continue Reading “FAMILY FEUDS: How People behave doesn’t always tell us how they feel!”

ADDICTION: 6 thoughts on how to manage when you love an addict in active addiction

Addiction, insidious bastard that it is, does not only affect addicts. It can be like a nuclear bomb in a family, flinging destruction in all directions. Loving an addict is very hard work sometimes. Addicts are so much more than their addictions, but it… Continue Reading “ADDICTION: 6 thoughts on how to manage when you love an addict in active addiction”

ADDICTION: an insidious, sneaky bastard

One of the things I work with regularly is addiction. Addiction can come in a range of shapes and sizes but there are some principles that remain the same, regardless of the poison in question. We all have the tendency to form habits, but… Continue Reading “ADDICTION: an insidious, sneaky bastard”

DEPRESSION is a bitch

Depression plays havoc with your mind. It distorts your reality and if that isn’t enough it can evoke huge feelings of shame and even self-disgust.  The internal self-critic becomes humongous and powerful making you feel less in control and more powerless. 1. Depression’s Bullshit… Continue Reading “DEPRESSION is a bitch”

PARENTING: 4 things to do to with a tantrum

We’ve all been there: it’s not easy dealing with a wailing kid of any age when we are so overwhelmed and so frustrated that we feel ready to start wailing ourselves. Whining kids also trigger the same bits of the brain that the sound… Continue Reading “PARENTING: 4 things to do to with a tantrum”

SELF CARE: How to say No (kind of)

It’s surprising how difficult it can be, to utter the word”no”.  Such a little syllable can cause so much inner turmoil! I speak again and again in therapy about setting boundaries, and yet even I struggle sometimes to refuse people things. But it’s so… Continue Reading “SELF CARE: How to say No (kind of)”

COMMUNICATION: Why you should have important conversations in person

I feel like social media adds a layer of complexity over everything. Looking at everyone’s perfect lives on Facebook or Instagram can be lethal if you’re feeling down. It’s easy to feel that everyone else has a perfect life: pictures of holidays, sleepy happy… Continue Reading “COMMUNICATION: Why you should have important conversations in person”

PARENTING: How do you raise body-confident kids?

When I first became a mom I read every article I could find. I looked at tons of information, especially around emotional development, and lots of them made sense, and lots of them were confusing. One of the confusing ones was about EQ stuff… Continue Reading “PARENTING: How do you raise body-confident kids?”

Self acceptance and the Inner Bitch: 4 ways to feel better

It’s a well known cliche that you cannot love others unless you love yourself. I’m not entirely sure about that one, but what I would like to add to that is that it’s incredibly difficult to accept love from others unless you can see… Continue Reading “Self acceptance and the Inner Bitch: 4 ways to feel better”